COVID-19 Updates - No further bookings for 2021 at this time

Bookings Frozen Until the 28th of June

From today (21st June) until 9am on Monday 28th June, Contours Holidays will not be accepting new holiday bookings. Bookings will be taken as normal from the start of next week, but for now, you will not be able to book a new holiday either over the phone or via our website.

The main reason we have made this decision is to ensure our customers are getting the very best standard of service we can provide. We are extremely grateful to be so busy after a very turbulent 2020, and are thankful to every customer who has chosen us to provide their big UK adventures for 2021 and beyond.

As summer availability becomes more limited and Covid-19 measures continue to remain in place across the UK, the Contours team feel it is important to take some extra time and care over each holiday booking to ensure everything is perfect for you. This is why we have chosen to place a temporary pause on new bookings: to give the team a bit of wiggle room to recharge after such a demanding period, and to focus on doing our very best for those eagerly anticipating their much-deserved getaways.

This means that the earliest a newly booked holiday can go ahead will be the 28th of July.

Our phone lines and webchat feature will still be available for any other enquiries you may have, and existing customers can manage their bookings as usual through our normal Contact details or the Members Area. This delay does not apply if you are rebooking a postponed tour.