Scottish Coast to Coast

Scottish Coast to Coast

A self-guided cycling holiday coast to coast across Scotland from Annan to Edinburgh.

3 to 5 nights
130 miles
Easy / Moderate to Demanding

From £450 per person

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About this route

Sweep along curving lanes through the hills, forests and towns of the Scottish Borders and Midlothian on a cycling holiday along the Scottish Coast to Coast. This country-crossing ride starts at seaside Annan and winds north through market towns and valleys bounded by round, heather-quilted hills on its way to historic Edinburgh.

Friendly towns such as Peebles and Moffat provide the perfect places to pause between long stretches through the Southern Uplands and the Moorfoot Hills. The Scottish Coast to Coast is often so straightforward to follow that you can turn your mind to the beauty of the countryside and the enjoyment of the ride, with no need to bury your nose in your map.

This is the ideal route if you're looking to relax and take in the world around you at your own pace. There are several off-road options if you're interested in straying from the bitumen and out onto forest paths, but there's always a tarmac alternative.

Annan / Forth Bridge
130 miles (207 km)
19th March to 31st October

Holiday highlights

Triumphing over the difficult climb out of Annandale and discovering the staggering vistas from Devil's Beef Tub viewpoint.

Riding into Moffat, full of excellent cafes and restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating where you can relax with your bicycle and a great cooked meal.

Roving between the enfolding slopes of the Moorfoot Hills on the simplest, most relaxing stage of the route.

Available tours

CodeTourDurationDifficultyPrice per person
C-SC2C1 From Annan to South Queensferry 3 nights, 2 days riding Demanding£450
C-SC2C2 From Annan to South Queensferry 4 nights, 3 days riding Moderate£555
C-SC2C3 From Annan to South Queensferry 5 nights, 4 days riding Easy / Moderate£660

Scottish Coast to Coast 3 nights, 2 days riding

£NNN per person
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Travel to Annan where your first night's accommodation has been booked

Day 1

Annan to Peebles. 70.5 miles (113km)

Day 2

Peebles to South Queensferry. 58.5 miles (93.5km)


Depart from South Queensferry after breakfast

Your Itinerary

The daily mileages quoted are average trail miles only and do not include the distance from the trail to your accommodation. We do not expect you to have to travel more than 2.5 miles from the trail to your accommodation.

Below are the additional costs that may apply depending on your requirements. Our standard prices per person are based upon two people sharing a room; if you are on your own, or are part of a group but require a room of your own, then the Solo Traveller or Single Supplements apply respectively:

Solo Traveller Supplement
£60.00 per person / per night
Single Supplement
£40.00 per person / per night

You can add rest days at any of the overnight stops:

Extra night (Standard)
£60.00 per person / per night
Extra night (South Queensferry)
£65.00 per person / per night

What's included?

  • 3 nights' accommodation in en-suite rooms (where available) in selected B&B’s, hotels, inns and guesthouses along the trail.
  • Breakfast each day.
  • Door to door luggage transfer.
  • Maps with the route marked on and a guidebook or route notes describing the trail.
  • An information pack containing an itinerary, instructions on how to find your accommodation each night and a kit list.
  • Detailed travel instructions on how to get to the start of your holiday and back from the end of it.

Extra Nights & Rest Days

As you cycle from coast to coast across Scotland's beautiful, wild landscape, you may find yourself in need of a little break from time to time, in order to rest and recover before continuing on the trail, or simply to spend time enjoying the locations along the way. Feel free to add in as many extra nights to your holiday as you like, and make the most of your time on this stunning route.

Annan is a lovely town at the beginning of the trail, and is worth an extra night's stay in order to explore the local area or simply to enjoy a restful wander before embarking on your cycling holiday. The town itself is home to an assortment of historical landmarks, including the Georgian Bridge House, the Victorian Town Hall, the High Street War Memorial and the Old Parish Church, among many other sandstone buildings of interest and fascinating examples of architecture. As well as this, Annan has plenty of places to eat and drink, and hosts various activities such as walking, cycling, fishing, birdwatching and golf, giving you the chance to stretch your limbs, indulge in your hobbies and prepare to take to the trail.

You can add rest days at any of the overnight stops:

Extra night (Standard)
£60.00 per person / per night
Extra night (South Queensferry)
£65.00 per person / per night

Tour Facts

Total distance: 129.5 miles (207 km)
Duration: 3 nights, 2 days riding
Minimum daily distance: 58.5 miles (93.5 km)
Maximum daily distance: 70.5 miles (113 km)
Code: C-SC2C1 Grade: Demanding
Season: 19th March - 31st October
Start of holiday: Annan
End of holiday: South Queensferry

Elevation & Terrain

Route profile

Scottish Coast to Coast Route Profile

The route undulates gently at its start, although steeper climbs feature on the off-road alternative through the Forest of Ae. After Moffat, a sharp off-road climb leads the way to the Devil’s Beef Tub viewpoint. This can be replaced by a gradual on-road ascent to the same point, after which the trail slopes down into the Tweed Valley.

A few short but steep climbs feature between Peebles and Innerleithen, after which steady gradients lead over the Moorfoot Hills to a largely downhill ride into Dalkeith. From here, it’s smooth, easy riding to the route's finish at the Forth Bridge.


  • Traffic-free cyclepaths
  • Country roads
  • Village streets
  • Railpaths
  • Optional off-road sections

The Scottish Coast to Coast starts with a choice: to keep to smooth bitumen roads from Annan, or to take a tougher off-road detour via Dumfries and the Forest of Ae. This detour involves rocky sections that demand tough tyres at the very least.

After Moffat, there’s a choice of routes to the Devil’s Beef Tub viewpoint: an off-road climb or a section of A road, not particularly busy but occasionally shared by logging vehicles.

If the off-road sections appeal to you, a hybrid bicycle is the better choice. Otherwise, a road bicycle is the ideal option.

Travel Information

Useful information and travel links that will assist you in your plans to travel to the start of the holiday and back from the end of it are sent to you with your full tour pack. A summary is given below:

By Air – The most convenient major cities and international airports are Glasgow, Edinburgh and Newcastle.

By Rail – There is a railway station at the start of the route (Annan), and at the end of the route (North Queensferry - to the north of Forth Bridge).

From London – Trains run from London Euston to Annan.

Return to the Start – The easiest way to return to the start of the route is by taking a train from North Queensferry to Annan.

Please note:

Most train lines will allow for bikes to be taken on board. We advise that you check on as you may need to book a space for your bike or there may be a limit as to how many bikes the train can store.

Most buses in the UK are unable to store bikes on board, so we would recommend avoiding this form of transport.

Weather Information

To find out more about the weather forecast for your chosen holiday's general location, please see the following websites:

  • MetCheck - This website allows you to look up detailed weather information for specific locations as far as six months in advance.
  • Met Office - This website shows regional area forecasts a few days in advance, with a general UK forecast description of up to 30 days in advance.
  • Mountain Forecast - This website shows what the forecast is like up on specific hills and fells, and offers forecasts a few days in advance.